In the year 1933 a divinely appointed group, the late Elder B.T. Douglas (the first Pastor of Rosemark C.O.G.I.C.), Brother F. D. Macklin. Mother R. A. McGraw, Missionary Lula Sykes, Brother George Gales, Sr., Brother Tom Blayde and other saints came to the Rosemark community and conducted prayer meetings in homes opened to them.

The group brought to the Rosemark community a doctrine strange to many that heard it. Elder B.T. Douglas taught under the anointing of the Holy Ghost from the following scriptures: Matthew 1:21, Hebrews 12:14 and Leviticus 11:44. Many souls were added to the Kingdom of God.

In October 1934, the group, led by Elder Douglas moved to the Bolton area and conducted services in the home of Brother and Sister Daniel Jones and others in the area.

In 1935, during services held in the Bolton area three sisters, Sister Addie Jones, Sister Littie Majors and Sister Willie Williams received the baptism of the Holy Ghost as signs and wonders followed the ministry.

During 1936-1937, services were conducted in a tent and a bush harbor approximately one-half mile from the home of Mr. Charlie Williams on Godwin Road. Later on, at this location, a small tabernacle was built. Under the leadership of Elder B. T. Douglas, the Rosemark Church grew. Elder Douglas began to organize auxiliaries for assistance in ministry.

  • Missionary Addie Jones was the first appointed Sunday School Teacher
  • Mother Littie Majors was appointed as the 1st Church Mother
  • Brother Curtis Blakemore was appointed as the 1st Deacon

In 1940, Elder Z. S. Edwards was appointed Pastor of the Rosemark Church. The saints continued to have services at the Church and the homes of such members as Brother Wainwright on Smokey Road.

In 1943, Elder L. L. Lyons was appointed Pastor of the Rosemark Church. During Elder Lyon’s pastorate, the Rosemark Church name was changed to the Sunlight Church of God in Christ.

In 1945, land was purchased at 10375 Godwin Road from Brother Jim Billings and a small, wood-framed church was built. Elder Lyons served faithfully as Pastor until 1949.

In 1949, Elder F. D. Macklin was appointed Pastor of the Rosemark Church. The church's name was changed back to Rosemark Church of God in Christ. As the membership grew, the saints purchased a church building in Tipton County and moved it to the 10375 Godwin Road site. This larger church was refurnished by the Pastor, members, and a local contractor.

The following officers served during Elder F. D. Macklin's tenure as pastor:

  • Assistant Pastor - Elder George Gales, Sr.
  • Church Mother - Mother Annie Mae Bland
  • Deacons - Deacon Champ Grant, Deacon Arthur Davis, and Deacon Tom Blayde
  • Ushers - Sister Olivia Davis, Sister Leatha Taylor
  • Musicians - Elder Robert Turnage (Guitarist) and Sister Mattie Gales (Pianist)

In the latter part of the 1960’s, under Elder F.D. Macklin leadership, the church was remodeled and bricked.

In 1969, Elder James Macklin was appointed Pastor. He served until late 1974.

On August 2, 1975, Elder Readus C. Smith was appointed Pastor of the Rosemark Church. At that time, the Church had an active membership of approximately eight people. Elder Smith immediately began to work and develop the vision that God had given him for ministry. The Rosemark Church experienced immediate growth and development in the areas of membership, administration and structural. The church was remodeled and additions made.

Elder Readus Smith continued to work the vision that God had given him. The Rosemark Church of God In Christ purchased 5.8 acres of land in April 1993 and immediately began the plans for a new sanctuary. As a result of hard work and dedication, on July 18, 1999 the Rosemark Church Family celebrated its Grand Opening of the Rosemark Church of God in Christ - Prayer Temple at 8815 Millington-Arlington Road. The new facility includes a new 300+ seat sanctuary, classrooms, offices, dining facilities, and living quarters. October 30, 1999-November 6, 1999, the Rosemark Church Family dedicated the new sanctuary with services daily attended by local, state, and national church leaders & laity, civic leaders, friends, and family.

In July 2006, Pastor Readus C. Smith commenced upon 30 years of pastoral ministry by announcing his retirement from pastoral ministry. Pastor Readus Smith also acknowledged his successor, his son, Elder John B. Smith. The Rosemark Church family with excitement, humility and spiritual reverence celebrated 31 years of pastoral ministry by honoring Elder Readus C. Smith, August 1st -3rd, 2006.

As the only living Pastor Emeritus in the history of Rosemark Church of God In Christ, we celebrate and thank God for Elder Readus C. Smith for his leadership, wisdom, and faithfulness to God and His people.

As Rosemark Church embarks upon new horizons and new vision for God’s people, Pastor John B. Smith continues to build upon the foundation that was laid by focusing on Evangelism, Scriptural Knowledge, and Personal & Spiritual Development. Pastor John B. Smith is a man of God with vision & purpose and possesses excellence in ministry and administration. Under his leadership, the Rosemark Church now operates as a debt free ministry, expanding community outreach and providing spiritual nourishment & social awareness to the membership and surrounding communities.

Pastor John B. Smith continues to walk in the anointed areas of preacher, teacher, lecturer, humanitarian, and community activist. The Rosemark Church continues to experience growth numerically and spiritually while developing business & community partnerships to expand and extend the work of God’s Kingdom.

We celebrate our history and anticipate a bright future filled with Excellence in Ministry.